Biodesign Work in Progress

Exploring, gathering and testing.

Foraging for mushrooms around Edinburgh I found various types of honey fungus (armillaria), petticoat mottlegill (Panaeolus papilionaceus ) and turf mottlegill (Panaeolus fimicola). Having also bought mushrooms from local shops as well as supermarket chains, I had a collection of eight different types of mushrooms (including varying location of source).  I had three different mediums in which the mycelium could grow: cardboard, dead leaves and coffee grounds.

Documenting their features, where I found them and which medium I was putting them into will help in the future to see differences in the samples.

Preparing the collected mushrooms and placing them in the corresponding mediums
Mushroom samples to make mycelium
Eight mushroom samples; some found, some bought.
Table of mushrooms and mediums

I placed all combinations in separate plastic ziplock bags to grow in a dark and warm place (24-27degrees celcius) to grow for a few days…

With all the samples ready, I left them in a warm, dark place to innoculate
With all the samples ready, I left them in a warm, dark place to innoculate

By Joanna Spreadbury

Being based in Scotland gives me the creative drive to look at the local resources, people and landscape in order to inspire material exploration and development. I am interested in the process, application and explanation of both contemporary and traditional craft techniques in wood, textiles, glass and ceramics. Please feel free to contact me for collaboration enquiries