guarden- Niamh Mundy

‘guarden’ by Niámh Mundy

‘Green’ spaces occupied by humans, think The Meadows, are often considered peaceful and natural. However, looking deeper into both the history of these spaces and the effects human interaction has, for example, lawn mowing, shows these areas as being sterile and artificial. These spaces are manicured images of nature where human decisions dictate exactly what this ‘natural’ space should look like.

‘guarden’ is a project that looks into this narrative and aims to arm people with the means to fight against these biologically harmful, manicured spaces.

The set is made from 2 different woods, pine and beech, as it is less environmentally damaging than traditional tool materials. It includes a shovel head and 2 detachable handles. One of the handles is sturdier and suited for digging whilst the second is hollow with thing walls that break upon attempts of mowing. This handle is made from two parts which separate if someone tries to remove it. Users are encouraged to make stink bombs to fill this handle with.

The idea behind this is that the set provides a tool box for guerrilla gardeners, complete with a detachable pocket for seeds. This set also gives them the means to protect their work using animal defences as inspiration.  Skunks are one animal that release a smell to deter predators and this shovel utilises this defence mechanism is an attempt to protect saplings from being destroyed.