Biodesign Work in Progress

Further experiments

Using the refined method of experimentation the new tests worked! Below is a picture of tests three (B) and four where the mycelium was left to grow in substrates including cardboard, cotton calico and dead leaves. In one test I left the mycelium spawn to grow in between layers of bubble wrap to see how it would take the shape.

Tests three (B) and four

I left test four to grow for 14 days and tests three to grow for seven days to display the different stages of growth in my presentation.

Final outcome samplesFinal presentation

By Joanna Spreadbury

Being based in Scotland gives me the creative drive to look at the local resources, people and landscape in order to inspire material exploration and development. I am interested in the process, application and explanation of both contemporary and traditional craft techniques in wood, textiles, glass and ceramics. Please feel free to contact me for collaboration enquiries