Activities Exhibitions

Exhibition: Major Externality Crisis

3rd Year Product Design at the Edinburgh College of Art is hosting a week-long exhibition of our robots, lamps, and chairs, in which we explore the shape of things to come.

Communicating with scientists and engaging with the unknown, our exhibition presents the reality of design projects with countless iterations, workshop failures and unexpected successes.

You are warmly invited to our Opening Night and drinks reception 5:00PM 24th April 2017.

An overview of projects can be found here and here

Social Narratives

A.I. Nutritionist

In this critical design project I choose to critique machine learning and artificial intelligence by creating a smart food dispenser, which analyses the human body to create the healthiest meal for that person, but upon trying the food it tastes disgusting. Thus demonstrating that the logic of machines (nutritional perfection) is incompatible with the emotional logic of humans (good taste), and therefore we should be prudent towards the recommendations of algorithms.

Work in Progress

New Making Post #1


My chosen New Making problem is water storage during exercise.

My first attempts at solutions were thrown together with whatever was at hand and whilst being quite beautiful in their simplicity and spontaneity were quite ineffective. As the project moved on I began to create more efficient interventions, culminating in a 3D printed object. This is a tiny modified bottle-top that can attach most plastic bottles to your back, it sits well on the body and supplies water via a plastic tube. It is however, uncomfortable due to its rigidity and flops around if moved too much. Would a softer material be more appropriate?