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Inventory: Product Design & Glass Exhibition

Product Design 4th year and Glass MA / MFA at the Edinburgh College of Art are hosting an exhibition in the ECA Fire Station space from the 5th to the 8th of December. A work-in-progress exhibition showcasing the weird and wonderful, speculative and dicursive, monstrous and mysterious workings-of-the-minute, and a sneak peak for the 2018 degree show!

You are warmly invited to our opening night and drinks reception at 5PM Tuesday 5th December 2017. The show is open thereafter from the 6th – 8th December, 10AM – 4PM daily.

The address is: Fire House, Edinburgh College of Art, 76-78 Lauriston Pl, Edinburgh EH3 9DE.


New Making Work in Progress

New Making Post #3

After toying with the idea of cutting or lazercutting a form from a sheet of neoprene I decided that leather would be a much nicer material to create in (if not to work with). Leather is unique in that it can look simplistic and expensive when new and also ages wonderfully well, telling the stories of its increasing sentimental values embodied by it’s creases, folds and discolouration.

Can I replicate the attachment I feel to old leather boots in my intervention?

When using leather there are always ethical questions that crop up, moral qualms that some consumers will have over whether your product or service will be categorised as ethical design. Re-using old leather, though, pays no money towards livestock industry.This as well as availability to the general public were reasons for my service being built upon recycled belts.




New Making Post #2


I tested what I perceived as every manner in which a bottle could be strapped to me. As well as listing all of the ways I could attach things to myself, this showed me what type of attachment was comfortable as well as the sections of the body that caused the bottle to shift more when I moved.

I used duct tape to build four separate methods of water storage, quickly testing my three main ideas for the progression of the project and selecting one to continue with. After this test it became obvious to create a pocket for a bottle to sit in.

Work in Progress

New Making Post #1


My chosen New Making problem is water storage during exercise.

My first attempts at solutions were thrown together with whatever was at hand and whilst being quite beautiful in their simplicity and spontaneity were quite ineffective. As the project moved on I began to create more efficient interventions, culminating in a 3D printed object. This is a tiny modified bottle-top that can attach most plastic bottles to your back, it sits well on the body and supplies water via a plastic tube. It is however, uncomfortable due to its rigidity and flops around if moved too much. Would a softer material be more appropriate?