Social Narratives


It is undeniable that Scotland, as a country, has a severe drinking problem. There have been many attempts to find a solution and so far, all have failed and we still have one of the highest alcohol related death figures amongst other countries and as if this wasn’t bad enough, the figures have raised 20% since last year.

Recently the Government has released news they are going to raise the minimum unit pricing of alcohol up to 50p per unit. Our argument goes against this by suggesting that taxation of alcohol is unfair and not the right way to go about fixing this serious problem.

Our solution, DrinQuit.

An app that provides users with non alcoholic activities near by and rewards them for partaking in the events. It works by allowing the user to like and dislike suggested activities and locations. After viewing the activity via web browser and maps, the user can like, and add the event  to their smart phones calendar, and view later on.

The users are ranked based on the amount of events or activities they take part in and appear on the “soberboard”. This is ranked globally and provides users with a sense of accomplishment and motivation to partake in more activities.

As well as this, users can also add their own events. The events have to meet a criteria and cannot be related to alcohol in anyway. The user also completes a checklist to help other users identify the activity.

Undoubtably, Scotland’s drinking problem needs to be over come. We believe providing the users with an alternative, allowing them to socialise and meet new people in a different way, will most definitely help and make a small dent in overcoming alcoholism.

Please follow this link to our video of DrinQuit in use:

Design social narratives project – Brad findlay and Katie McGroarty