Keeping in touch with the Dutch!

Last week, Product Design 4th years Alvin and Joe have visited the annual Dutch Design Week (DDW) held at Eindhoven. Here are some of the highlights:


Design Academy Eindhoven Graduation Show

Located in town centre, the Design Academy hosted their annual degree show, MINED during DDW. Exhibited were graduate projects from the class of 2017, which resulted in a plethora of thought provoking artefacts based on each student’s individual context and research.

Kristaps Polïtis, Printstrument

This is a collection of 3D-printed modular instrument components that allows children to learn music in a more experimental manner. Children mix and match the components to assemble a customised instrument, enhancing the element of play when learning musical instruments.


Billie Van Katwijk, Ventri

Ventri is a series of leather fashion accessories and fabrics that is process from cow stomachs as a way to reducing waste in the meat industry. Cow stomachs are conventionally waste byproducts, yet are transformed into unique fashion artefacts that feature a visceral, natural aesthetic.


Strijp-S is the centre venue of DDW where many of the major exhibitions are gathered.


With the omnipresence of the internet, Materialising the Internet explores how does the ever integrating digital and physical world effect our experience in the consequently augmented world? One example is materialising the infamous euphemism ‘Netflix & Chill’ into an Airbnb room available for single night rentals.


In Embassy of Food, this participatory installation Algen Bar connects visitors to the algae ecosystem housed in the jars. Visitors breathe into the tube which proves valuable nutrients for algae, and earn a fresh algae beverage when nutrition levels are satisfactory.


Biodesign for Social Impact Workshop

Joe co-hosted a workshop with his fellow Bio Design Challenge (BDC) ’17 team members Design Informatics MA graduates Eva and Sean, and I had the pleasure of helping as event photographer. The Biodesign for Social Impact workshop enables participants to imagine society under the rapid development of biology and design, creating speculative scenarios that have profound changes in the future.

There were so many other more things on show at DDW, not one day has passed by without being intellectually stimulated, if you still haven’t checked out DDW yet, be sure to check it out next year!