Super Power Agency and Civic Soup Projects – Week 1

Bomb Voyage: Micol, Joanna, Liam, Marcus 

We took a grandfather clock, made the base with an openable door. Inside there are 3 washers with images to help kids with some stories”


Razzmataz: Alexandra Ross, Chris Hardman, Maria Khartonova, Preston Kneen

“A code breaking activity which leads the kids to prompts placed around the bus. It will have an “address book” which which houses the codes and the idea is that each number corresponds to a letter; once all the letters are found, they will have a word to unscramble, this will be the place on the bus have to go to in order to get their prompt”


Inferior Five: Guillaume, Ladina, Vasilisa

We modified the chair by adding a table that flips up, added a helmet that ‘connects you to the universe’. We also created an activity that involves the children picking cards that represent their real life superpowers to build confidence and a sense of identity”

Old Shadows: Yifu Liu, Zidong Lin Jonathan Hazel Katie Mcgroarty

“It’s a machine to find hidden password to get in the bus.”

Chicken Nuggets: Erica, Amos, Chris, Brad

“We created a system for the bus. This is a game the children will play once they step onto the bus. It will allow them to create their own superhero while applying their reading comprehension skills. This is more of a platform for how the bus would be designed and ran, for all the books on the bus will correspond with the questions within the game”

Magic: Fangqian, Findlay

“We created a superhero gun, where the children can create their own superhero logo, and then by cutting it out and sliding it into the slot in the gun, they can then turn on a torch which will then shine their logo onto a wall or surface like in the batman films”

Kapow: Ben Manders, Harvey Everson, Shannen Tioniwar, Niamh Mundy

“We created the Super-Word Cannon. It’s an interactive game for groups of around five that helps spark creative stories for the children. By firing out words from different categories; e.g Places, Verbs, Actions, Objects, Adjectives and Bonus words the children catch one of each to inspire stories around their own superhero. It’s aim is to be a fun, exciting and interactive game with the outcome of an original short-story created by each child.”