New Making

The Fringe Music Box

The ‘fringe music box’ explores a more interactive way of creating souvenirs. By taking cues from traditional music boxes and applying rapid prototyping methods, each Fringe venue can have their own unique punch pattern. Memory and nostalgia are tied with the more sensory and tangible so by utilising the physicality of the ticket and adding an audio element the user can build a more personalised souvenir from The Fringe. 

As the user travels around the different Fringe venues, their weekend pass gets punched upon entry. This builds up a storyline of their own unique Edinburgh Fringe experience. 

User Journey…

We live in in a digital where more and more interactions take place on the screen. This project aims to counter the notion of being restricted by the screen and open up a more tangible and sensory way of experiencing the festival both during and afterwards. All the festival goers will have a storyline but often it’s hidden. The Fringe Music Box unlocks this and allows them to not only enjoy the experience of creating their own souvenir, but the experience of reminiscing afterwards. 

While the music box is very much focussed around process and tangibility, the actual data captured and portrayed is very digital. The ticket builds up the timeline of holes; either on or off. This music then becomes the data of the user’s own individual experience.