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A detached Population

Social media has connection users with the wider world and enabled the population to explore new cultures and follow people of interest.

However, these platforms have become our second nature, evident in the way we commute to university or our places of work. Looking at our mobile devices, messaging or scrolling our Instagram feeds.

This has negatively impacted our ability to form new contacts in the physical world, limiting us to our digital identities and detaching us from the physical world.

Anxiety, depression and lowered self-esteem has increased by 70% of the past 15 years, which is in line with the increasing number of social media platforms emerging from the world wide web.

IunGo, our mobile application uses environmental ques to engage users with their surroundings in order to reach their destination. We feel this is more beneficial for the user due to studies of which have highlighted how the use of linear directions dis-engages part of the brain used for problem solving, whereas manually planning routes stimulate memory and enable the user to gain much more knowledge of their immediate environments.

Our application uses techniques from Eco-Therapy which helps to combat patients suffering from depressive tendencies become mentally fit once more. By immersing users in their surroundings, we hope to reduce the increasingly level of depression and anxiety within our society.

Please follow this link to watch our short promotional video:

Social Narratives Project – Findlay Macdonald, Amos WheeldonĀ