Bean Bank

The BEAN BANK cup is a coffee cup for on the go, it allows the owner to pay with it and to be lead to new coffee shops. The design appears to be a reusable coffee cup, but it has additional features that show direction, enable communication and payment. The added features are not obtrusive, the RFID is built in the bottom of the cup and is therefore not visible. Additionally, the interface that gives directions is comprised of 5 LEDs in a cross section. LED’s were chose as the output, as they are the least obtrusive while still conveying the message to the owner. The cup moves people around by being the means of payment, as well as having the LED’s which direct the owner to discover new coffee shops. The cup to owner interaction is disruptive because normally people direct themselves to new places; in this case, however, the coffee cup does it for them. If the owner follows the cup instruction he/she is lead to somewhere unknown to him to purchase a cup of coffee. This factor of being lead somewhere mysterious by your coffee cup is a flipped vision of people to products interaction.