New Making

Data-Driven Embroidery Souvenir

When we go away for a holiday or festival events, then we will probably come home with a few souvenirs, then never touch it again. Following the assignment context that aims to consider the complex entanglement of digital information and digital fabrication processes in material practices and material culture in the context of the Edinburgh Festival.

My design started by asking a question that how might we design a festival souvenir that beyond mass-manufacture, and focuses on carrying memory possibilities.

The Data-Driven Embroidery Souvenir design explores the design of using data embroidery as a new medium of personalized in the context of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe souvenir. More precisely, the design creates visual data patterns and embroiders onto personal items to present data in a personal context. The project challenges the traditional three-dimensional souvenir, encourages sustainable lifestyle and aims to translate digital data into a tangible textile as meaningful souvenirs.

The visual pattern example here is based on the map route and the visiting duration per shows, it states that sharing family activities and time in the Festival. Additionally, the representation of Edinburgh Castle will be presented in any the Festival Fringe embroidery pattern as a symbolization.

Keywords: sustainable, souvenir, data, embroidery, Edinburgh Festival Fringe