New Making


ENCOUNTER is a personalised souvenir which transform intangible experiences of the Fringe Festival into solid memories through adjustable algorithmic patterns. Taking up the shape of an abstract trophy, each stack correlates to an event that visitors wishes to remember. Encounter is designed to establish quality connection between the user and their precious moment, an experience recorded in a unique manner.

Through the use of interactive screens which will be placed in various locations throughout Edinburgh, visitors will be able to design their own souvenir!

Creative Technology

By utilising algorithmic modelling and visual scripting, various forms can be made through the adjustments of dimensions from data collected.

ENCOUNTER introduces a new making process, 3D printing, an emerging paradigm that allows the urban metabolism to be rendered sustainable. It does not only involve a different way of producing goods, but also contributes to the development of a green urban economy.

Coupled with magnets on the surfaces of each unique stack, visitors can channel their creativity by the different ways of stacking patterns.

The souvenir will be available in black and white colours. After the printing process is done, the souvenir will be shipped to their respective addresses.

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