New Making

Emotional Technology

Connecting the worlds of psychotherapy to technology is a delicate balance to reach, however, the realm of our emotional health is rarely touched upon by the powerful tools we have the power to create. My project is creating a system to use user gathered data following how we grow and change emotionally, and then bring it into the physical world, as if holding up a mirror to your own habits.

The writing sections focus on your past, then your current mindset, and your aspirations and worries for the future. Using prompts and professional therapist workbooks you can work to understand yourself through writing.

The writing forms the emotional tracking, the habit tracker helps the user work toward their goals. With the option to privately connect with a professional so you can ‘check in’ and know you are headed in the right direction.

The key to this system is that a physical product responds to the user’s emotional journey. This is modeled to respond to how well the user follows their planned journey, growing with them.