New Making

Light Up My Fringe

Souvenirs can so often be unsustainable objects of loose relevance to an experience with little to no function; Light Up My Fringe is an attempt to change that through a personalised, reflective and functioning product.

Aimed at developing young people’s skills of reflection, the product is a rotating light that the user interacts with by punching holes of different shapes into the side panels, before construction. The holes punched correspond to how the user felt about the different shows and experiences they had that day, creating a unique, personal souvenir with meaning.

One of the key things required to hold memories of experiences is reflection and this product is designed with that in mind. The Edinburgh Fringe festival is an incredible experience and encouraging children to engage in the present and in looking back will only enrich their experience and the memories they hold. Self-packaged and with the option of local manufacture thanks to its simple design, this product is a new take on sustainable souvenirs.