New Making

Pocket of Memory

Pocket of memory is a portable origami shaped structure which gives the user the possibility to collect little glimpses of their favorite times at the Fringe Festival. The structure is composed of 3D printed parallelograms with inlayed fabric layers. The layers are composed such that they create a sleeve within the 3D print. This sleeve is the “pocket” where the memories are stored. While developing the product, I  did a series of experimentations combining different fabrics and 3D prints. Trying out different types of fabric was necessary in order to understand which type adheres better to the 3D print. The printed parallelogram shapes are not connected to each other initially. Instead,  they are held by the added fabric, creating a fish scale appearance. To create the pocket, I cut through sections of a single layer of fabric within the parallelogram sections.

Fringe visitors are constantly being given information both verbally and visually, making it difficult to retain single memories of their own. Taking inspiration from the project ‘Dear Data’ and how the two artists make their weekly data set, I have chosen to approach the human scale data gathering path. Contextualizing human scale data within the Fringe Festival, I have decided to represent the personal locations of visitors through the flyers or tickets collected during their visits. It shows, in a non-obtrusive way, where a person has been and what they have liked about their stay.