New Making

Developing Parametric Organisms

Designing through parameters produces a series of constraints and rules the model has to follow, my final artefact looks to visually interpret these boundaries and demonstrate the affordances in-between.

Working with software such as OpenScad provides a simple set of rules which can be applied to producing 3-Dimensional models. I found that using this tool to enclose a sphere within a cube was quite Ironic, constraining the model within it’s own parameter.

Collaborating with a machine is often a one sided conversation, yet throughout New Making, I’ve found that working with the Cura and the Unimaker printers has been an interesting conversation. Showing me how to look through my print and adapt the travels to make it possible to print aspects without support, while also teaching me what support infill to use, based on the individual model shape.

While I harnesses digital fabrication to produce a value driven design, I wanted to change the structure post print. To do this, I reduced the infill density, increasing the malleability of the PLA when exposed to high heat.

Across the experiments I’ve carried out, returning back to deconstruct the printed piece gave me the most satisfaction. I feel that this is due to removing my hands from the craft of making, watching a machine process a binary code which can be replicated infinitely.