New Making

Unity In Diversity

The ever-growing depletion of the natural environment is not a new topic to be hearing today. Look at how many trees we chop off, amount of oil spill on the sea that cause many living creatures to suffer, air pollution that can’t be erased from the used-to-be bright blue sky. These are some of the harmful impacts we caused towards the natural environment that once used to be beautiful.

Through exploring traditional and new making from Hybrid materialities, scaffolding glitches and parametric design, I was able to come up with my own definition of what they stand for.

Traditional making can be referred as craftsmanship and manually working on a model. Its involves your physical abilities sometimes when making products as it needs strength and patience. This way of making things involves hand usage and specialisation.

New making on the other hand is a process of making products through the use of digitally forward mechanism. living at this age, this time, the process of making things becomes to simple that as a designer could save time on the model making process and iterate more towards the final output

A final output I want to share is this street sculpture that represents a topic that represents a big part of me as an Indonesian, Unity in Diversity

Indonesia is a Southeast Asian country made up of thousands of volcanic islands, is home to hundreds of ethnic groups speaking many different languages. From that many islands, I focused more into the island of java, where people of many diversities is unified as one.

Fusion 360 Rendering
Materials: 3D printed PLA(black color), waste Kraft paper, Coffee waste, Epoxy Resin, on cling wrap

The shape of the object imitates the rough edges of our “Candi” which translates to Temple in english. While as the object in the middle is symbolic for Buddha, which promotes peacefulness. Altogether, it reflects to our country’s slogan, unity in diversity

pura ulun danu bratan temple, Java, Indonesia.

I was inspired by this type of “candi” , only found in the island of Java. The interesting part of this Candi is that people from this area only believes in how humans would have 11 instead of 13 chances to live to reach the 7th sky, which is believed to be heaven. This culture is not known to a very big amount of audience. Indonesia is made up of many islands, not just Bali. That is the message I want to relay to viewers. Hence, to introduce my country Indonesia to many more audience, I wanted to use this as a symbol.

Buddha, Candi Borobudur , Yogyakarta, Java, Indonesia

The buddha on the other hand, will be symbolic for the parametric object in the middle of my piece. All in all, the different walls will convey a deep meaning of different varieties of people from different culture and background, and the middle as a symbol of peacefulness and unity. This piece is a modern design which depicts an old value. Through the combination of using new and traditional making process, I hope viewers will see the significance of this piece.