New Making

New Making – Hidden Vessels

My final artefact for New Making features a 3D printed shell that employs the cross pattern infill as small vessels. While infill material is often hidden from view, this artefact showcases it. Despite the fact that it no longer supports the object encasing it in the intended way, the vessels now provide a new kind of support for different materials.

The base object originates from a dodecahedron that has been sliced at various axes to create different geometry. However, instead of completing the print, it was halted during the process to create an unfinished and unrecognisable shape, as well as to showcase the infill pattern.

Each vessel contains a different colour of cured resin with varying finishes. The acrylic dyed resins have a more opaque and flaky finish, which gives the illusion of depth. The resin dyed with india ink has a clearer finish and allows the details of the 3D print to show through. 

Abstract wire flowers painted with resin, along with thread ‘bushes’ create the image of an abstract garden. I wanted to highlight the juxtaposition of nature with digital fabrication, while using various materials and craft methods to create different textures and finishes.