New Making

New Making by Brad Findlay

At first on new making I thought I wanted to go down the route of metal, creating a wall piece, based on minimalism, however after exploring with 3D printing a bit more and realising how easy it is to adapt and create interesting things, I decided to use this for my final artefact. I wanted to join steel, and rope as my materials for hybrid materiality’s. And I wanted to do this using the process of laser cutting. I started off creating models out of cardboard and using string, to get ideas of how it would look. I experimented with different patterns. I then created a print of where I wanted the holes to be for the ‘picture’ and threated it to create my artefact. I wanted it to have a minimalistic look to it and I think I pulled it off. For the second artefact we were exploring scaffolding glitches. For this I wanted to try explore some of these all in one model. So I created a shape that had an overhang, curve and also played about with the infill. It does not look very appealing but it worked exactly how I intended it, to show glitches in the 3D printing process. However, In the design I took a piece of material out, to see if it would collapse some of the material. However, this part remained fine, which taught me some things about the material. I think this happened as the material had two points of contact instead of just one. The parametric design aspect took me a while to get my head around using the software. However, I found this software, named mesh mixer. Which was pretty easy to use for creating parametric shapes and printing them. I experimented with a basic cylindrical shape first, then moved onto more complex things like morphing elephants, rabbits, bull heads, and a chicken foot. Just playing about with them and getting used to the concept. I decided to 3D print the foot as I found it the most interesting and was intrigued to see how it would stand once printed. Luckily it did not need any scaffolding to hold it up so it still maintained the original look and the final outcome was really nice. Parametric design was one of the areas I ended up exploring the most as I found it really interesting as I had never played around with these kind of shapes before for printing. For my final artefact I decided I wanted to create a small, visually appealing piece, that also showed what I had learned over the course of the past few weeks. At first I looked at having floating spheres, connected by thin lines, however this ended up looking to be too complex for the time given. I then looked at using scaffolding to hold the spheres up, which actually looked very appealing, and also worked well as it demonstrated what I had learned previously. I also looked at visually appealing infills, as I planned on leaving the top sphere, unfinished, to show the infill pattern. II had some difficulty with the sphere placement but eventually got there. I think my final artefact turned out very well as not only does it demonstrate what I’ve learned, but does it in an aesthetic way.