Chains to Constellations

Grow, constellation


by Yifu Liu


Inspired by the Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec drawing style, the constellation of my design life looks like an organic creature. And I believe it is a perfect choice to express how I feel about my own design Life, which nothing is certain and things are in organic orders, almost grown together. I drew very freely with the markers to express the feelings and connections behind these relationships. The type of players are so random and true, for example, my classmates, who are always the first one to be critical on my new ideas. Passion, which is more abstract and deeply rooted in my design life. unfortunately, social media is something that affects your decision every single day…
#After discussing with tutors, the constellation was too complex in terms of characters and it was constructed self-centered. In the second model, I tried to emphasise the relationship between human and abstract meanings in different colours to build up layers. It is also helpful to show the value co-creation. However, I felt it lose a sense of natural and fluence of relationships. On the right, I filtered all the players and made a very simple and direct drawing about all the human relationships happening inside my design life.